Blast Protection and Anti-Terrorist Protection

Durasteel firewalls and barriers are extemely effective as blast walls due to their impact and heat resistant qualities. Durasteel is a composite of fibre-cement with perforated metal sheets. It is non-combustible and lightweight and is widely used in the construction of fire resisting structures. It is unaffected by moisture and when saturated its fire performance remains unimpaired.

Exceptionally robust

Durasteel sheets are resistant to impact damage and once installed, require minimal maintenance. Durasteel sheets and constructions have been widely tested by independent authorities.

Durasteel is used widely in the offshore petro-chemical and ammunitions manufacturing industries which make use of its blast protection properties.

Unlike many fire and blast resistant materials, Durasteel is non-combustible and will withstand an explosion followed by a prolonged fire and will still be unaffected by hose stream fire fighting. Its integrity remains unimpared, ensuring continued protection against fire, impact and moisture as well as preventing the escape of smoke and toxic gases. Durasteel systems are tested up to H120 fire rating, and the systems can be designed to suit specific project performance requirements.

Fully insulated systems can be supplied to meet specifications if required.

Transformer Barriers

Invicta Durasteel Transformer Barriers are essential in providing protection to life, property and infrastructure when there is a risk from transformer failures. Transformers are an integral part of electrical distribution and can explode or catch fire without warning. When a fire or explosion occurs, the damage and costs of clean up and repair can be colossal.

The risks involved has resulted in insurance companies demanding added protection to areas housing transformers.

Invicta Durasteel's individually designed barriers are the answer as confined space and access restrictions rule out alternative products.

Durasteel barriers are lightweight, quick to install and offer significant cost savings.

Powerstation Transformer Barrier
Powerstation Transformer Barrier
Durasteel Transformer Barrier
Durasteel Transformer Barrier

Anti-Terrorist Protection

Having foreseen the threats that the world is well aware of today, Invicta Fire Protection is prepared with solutions for threats that are raised by terror organizations. Invicta Fire Protection prides itself in designing and implementing physical security features for all sort of installations, providing, blast protection for structural elements, force entry protection, pedestrian and vehicle entrances and barriers, and ventilation systems used in providing fresh air and smoke exhaust in the event of an emergency.

Invicta Fire Protection using its vast fire and blast knowledge from other industries has developed a product line that will protect people and property from terrorism. Invicta Fire Protection walls, doors and ventilation systems have been tested in highly explosive situations. By simulating explosive devices carried by either people and or vehicles Invicta Fire Protection have tested their products for blast resistance.

Ventilation systems supplying pressurization air or smoke exhaust are important for building occupants in the case of a fire or blast. Invicta Fire Protection’ DuraDuct products have been tested for fire protection as well as structural integrity in a blast scenario. In several blast tests with different amounts of explosives up to 9lbs of C4 the ductwork saw no issues with its ability to supply air or remove smoke.

In today's heated security environment, protecting people and property is a large concern of many companies, organizations and governments. Invicta Fire Protection takes this concern serious.

Currently there is a trend to build buildings in a more “open plan” environment. This “open plan” environment reduces the compartmentalization of building interiors, consequently providing less mitigation of the effects of a blast. In such instances the role of protecting these spaces becomes increasingly important.

To address this issue Invicta Fire Protection used its knowledge of blast protection to develop an interior partion that would protect from the force of an air blast and glass fragments. By making small modifications to some of Invicta Fire Protection’ fire walls products; we have been able to produce a wall system that will absorb this force.

Invicta Fire Protection’ security blast walls have many features. The product is relatively lightweight and should not require increase structure to support its weight. Invicta Fire Protection security walls are easy to install and are easily demountable and relocateable. One significant feature of the wall system is its post blast fire protection.

Invicta Fire Protection has tested the walls and doors with several varying amounts of explosives. To simulate a vehicle bomb 200 KG (440lbs) of TNT was exploded at a distance of 20 meters (22 yards) to determine the level of protection. Not only did the wall provide an acceptable level of protection the Invicta Fire Protection door was still operable.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
Airport Anti-Terrorist Protection
Petronas Twin Towers
Skyscraper Anti-Terrorist Protection